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About our PRP Facial Treatment Prices

At Great Directions, our PRP Face Treatment Prices vary depending on how many sections of the face you are wanting to treat.  Please refer to the image showing a face with 5 sections each numbered separately.

When determining your PRP Facial Treatment Prices you need to decide how many area’s you want to treat.
For Example…….the price of a PRP Facial Treatment if you were to pick………
  Choose 1 Area =  Was: $199   Now: $99* – click here to order
  Choose 2 Areas= Was: $274   Now: $149* – click here to order
  Choose 3 Areas= Was: $349   Now:  $199* – click here to order
  Choose 4 Areas= Was: $424   Now:  $249* – click here to order 
  Choose 5 Areas = Was:  $499   Now:  $299* click here to order

*Reduced PRP Facial Treatment Prices shown on this page are valid to the first 20 x Sydney Clients to purchase.  Each person is entitled to purchase a maximum of 12 x treatments at this price.  All purchases are valid for 12mths from the date of purchase.  We recommend planning 3-4 initial treatments spaced 2-6 weeks apart for best long term effect.  However some people may require more than the initial 3-4 treatment, please request a consultation to determine what will be best for you.

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These heavily reduced prices are only valid for the 1st 20 x Clients via our Sydney Clinic Only.  Don’t miss out!

For Example…….the price of a PRP Facial Treatment if you were to pick………
1st Area =           $199   Reduced to $99*
2nd Area = Add $75    Reduced to +$50*
3rd Area = Add $75    Reduced to +$50*
4th Area = Add $75    Reduced to +$50*
5th Area = Add $75    Reduced to +$50*

*Reduced price valid for the 1st 20 x clients to purchase only.  Only valid via our Sydney Clinic.

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Frequently Asked Questions

At Great Directions, we ONLY perform PRP treatments.
Since 2012, we have consistently performed 100-140 PRP treatments per week.
This enables us to benefit from being able to maximise discounts from our suppliers.
This means we are able to offer GUARANTEED* PRP treatments at affordable prices (Full Details on the guarantee are available by Clicking Here)
Yes! We offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee to all PRP for Face Patients. Conditions do apply: Learn More
To begin with, we recommend:
3-4 x Initial PRP Treatments (2-6 weeks apart)

Then allow for 1 x treatment every 3-6mths to maintain the results.

It can be uncomfortable in some sensitive sections on the forehead and cheek areas.  By the way, since 2012 we have never had anyone tell us to stop the treatment because they were in too much pain.

You do have an option of going to a chemist and purchasing a topical local anaesthetic cream (eg Emla or Numit).  If you choose this option, you will need to purchase the product (you do not need a script to purchase this – however you can only purchase it from a chemist/pharmacy.  We will help you to apply the topical local anaesthetic – but the client needs to purchase it and bring it with them.   As a guide, 1 x 30g tube of “Emla” or “Numit” should last for 4-5 full face PRP face treatments.

PLEASE NOTE:  Over 70% of all our PRP face treatment clients DO NOT use the numbing cream at all, and the continue to ALWAYS come back time and time again to continue their PRP face treatments without numbing cream.

Immediately after the treatment, the treatment area will appear red (sun burnt is the best way to describe it).

If you follow our post treatment recommendations = the redness will almost be gone when you wake up the next morning or the following day in cases where people have extreme facial scarring or deep lines that require a more aggressive treatment.

To speed up the recovery time, we suggest applying our EXCLUSIVE Organic Aloe Vera Gel (very different to regular aloe vera that can be purchased – ours is concentrated!)  We recommend to apply a 50c sized coin amount of aloe vera gel every 1-2 hours (layering each application on top of each other).  And leave it over night – then rinse your face thoroughly with cool/warm water (not hot water though!).  Continue applying our EXCLUSIVE Organic Aloe Vera Gel every 1-2 hours to speed up the recovery time (if required).

Another option is to purchase a 20min LED Light Therapy session at the end of your PRP Facial Treatment.  This instantly reduces the post treatment redness and inflammation.  A 20min LED Light Therapy Session costs $50 and must be booked in advance to ensure it is available at the end of your PRP Facial Treatment.

To secure the Mid-Year Deal, you need to initially speak with Scott (founder of Great Directions) over the phone.  To prepare for the phone consultation, it is required that patients please SMS or Email through a photo of their face/skin that they are wanting to treat.  This will allow Scott to provide you with a recommendation regarding how many treatments you should plan to do over the coming short term.

Once you have had your consultation, we will email you an official invitation to purchase this promotion.  It is not until you have received the official invitation to purchase this offer can ANYONE purchase it.

Payment for the offer must be completed in full in order to register as one of the 20 spots that are available to purchase PRP facial treatments at these heavily reduced prices.

Click Here to Request a Consultation

In order to register as one of the 20 people who can purchase treatments at the heavily reduced rates listed above, full payment is required.  People are welcome to purchase a many sessions as they like, however please remember that the treatments are valid for 24mths (2yrs) from when they were purchased.

Payments can be made via:
– Credit Card via our Website (2% Surcharge Applies)
– Cash in Person (no fee)
– Paypal (4% Surcharge Applies)
– Commonwealth Bank Cardless Cash (no fee)
– Bank Transfer (no fee) – the bank account details will be listed in your letter which officially invites you to purchase this promotion

Request a call back!

Please provide us with as much detail as possible.
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